Entrepreneur Classes

Dr. Eric has developed a 6 month on line program which develops entrepreneurs from ideal conception, finding your genius (gifts and talents), all the way to building your business to 6 figures per month.  He’ll teach you principles such as leverage, delegation, positioning, reputation building, packaging, mindset, and so much more.  Success is 100% repeatable.  There are principles and precepts that lead to success.  It’s only the widget (service, process, or product) that changes.  Every thing else remains the same, you simply change the mask; how it looks.

The first third of the class is spent getting you into the right mindset for success.  What research has found is that the majority of people are not successful because their own paradigms and constructs provide barriers to their success.  You have to understand that the idea of the genius was manufactured.  During the French Revolution the monarchy was disassembled.  The monarchy wrested on general privilege of the few; the nobility.  The nobility was replaced with the Illuminati; those who had knowledge.  So the idea that only a few were able to absorb and master knowledge at a certain level was born.  The genius.  The truth of the matter is that we all have genius potential which simply needs to be nurtured.  In the first third of this class, you are guided towards finding your genius and positioning your mind towards success.

The second third of the program is spend teaching you the principles and precepts of success such as leverage, control, creating a fertile environment for success, creating a constant sense of urgency, changing habits, and so much more.  You’ll train again and again until these behaviors are second nature.  The entire manner in which you approach business will be changed.  You’ll be able to assess an opportunity, find a lever, and parlay it into a business plan within minutes.

The final third will teach your tactics and strategies which will allow for you to position your company ahead of the curve so that you don’t just thrive in the change, but rather you create the change.  You will learn how to deal with competitors, how to network and find allies, how to leverage yourself through the use of joint ventures, how to create corporate credit in a short amount of time in such a manner that you use it to fund your ventures and simply walk away from the credit if the business venture fails.

By the time that you finish the course, you will be able to create successful businesses at will, in any field that you’d like.  This is a one of a kind course that is not for everybody.  If you don’t have the discipline to grow and the will to push yourself hard, then you will not see success in this course.


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