The Next Level

I have to say that Dr. Eric’s insight when it comes to business is unreal.  I had been trying to get my business off of the ground for 3 years.  There was something that I just wasn’t getting.  Dr. Eric taught me the concept of leverage.  He helped me to find several levers that allowed … More The Next Level

Believing in myself

I guess that you could say that I had the tendency of jinxing myself.  Every time that I would arrive at the door of success, I would find ways to fail.  Dr. Eric made me realize that I was afraid of success.  When he first told me that I thought that he was way off … More Believing in myself

Thank you!!

I was a family physician for 20 years and with the changes in the healthcare arena, I had contemplated changing careers all together. I always had the belief system that money was made being a physician through treating patients.  That’s the only side that you would hear of.  Dr. Eric taught me how to think … More Thank you!!