How’s It Working For You?

Constantly ask yourself perhaps the most poignant question that someone in search of growth can ask; “Is this working for me?”   This may seem simple, but the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  There are many “insane” people running around.  I often consult business professionals who refuse to let go of habits, policies, or procedures that are causing their businesses to sink like a stone.  At times I’ve had to dissolve business relationships for this same reason.  When I find myself in the position of trying to help a business, finding my resources (monetary, personnel, time) being depleted, I have to make the decision to abandon the project if I cannot help the business associate to see the light.  Realize that I didn’t write “make the business associate successful” because I can never do that.  All I can do is point them to the right direction.  If at some point, they cannot abandon what they’ve been doing and change directions, then they will not find success.


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