Stay Focused For Success

I can recognize someone who is on their way to success a mile away.  They reek of it.  They can sit in the dark, by themselves, and their minds are racing at a thousand miles per hour.  Some will even be thinking of ways to capitalize on other people’s fear of the dark…while they sit there in the dark.  When they open their mouths, everything that comes out leads back to the same thing; success.  They are asking questions, presenting ideas, in essence gaining more info upon which they can act and while at the same time bouncing ideas to try to hone them even more.  When you look at how they spend their days, they arise early, sleep late, and run the entire day.  These are the ones that everyone else is always telling to “relax,” “smell the roses,” “watch the game with us.”  If they aren’t being productive, then they feel guilty.  They awaken on Christmas day before even the kids so that they can get some work done before the family gets out of their beds.  This is integrity.  They believe that they want success, they say that they want success, and their actions are evident to all that they are willing to work for success.  If you want success, you should be grinding incessantly.


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