Bring Out Your Genius

It’s very peculiar when you start to write a book from a place of passion.  While writing this book, just yesterday in fact, I had a coffee shop conversation with a complete stranger.  Let me share with you what he shared with me and how relevant his story is to this exact section:

I was sitting in the coffee shop and a man approached me and wondered if I were someone else.  I told him my name and we realized that he had been mistaken.  As we continued to talk he told me that he had worked in oil his entire life until retirement.  He was now in his mid-60s and was receiving social security and a pension.  He shared with me that his income allowed for him to pay his bills, but in his words, it was slightly more than “unemployment”.  Then he smiled and said “you know what, I’ve made more money since retirement than I ever did all of those years working.  I got a lot of opportunities to travel and it was a good life, but now I’m really having fun.”  Of course I thought that he was going to try to sell me on some multi-level marketing deal.  So very hesitantly, I asked “how did you do that.”  He conveyed that for a short period of time, years ago, that he helped out a commercial property owner on some property tax matter with helping the owner assess his building.  He shared that he had some type of financial background, though I did not question him any further.  He said what he started to do, for fun, was show people how to, through the depreciation of their commercial property in an accelerated manner, free anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions in capital that they could throw back into their businesses.  As we spoke he shared with me each project costs him about $3500 and he charges anywhere from $8,000 to $35,000.  He said through word of mouth, he’s acquiring 4-6 new projects per month.  He said “that’s more than enough for a grandpa with two grandchildren.  $50,000 per month is more than I need.”  I asked him if he had done this in his 20’s can he imagine where he would be right now?  He responded jokingly that the two biggest mistakes that he had ever made was to go to college and get a job.  I understood his meaning.  Usually a university education prepares for you to be a marketable and competent worker, while the employer keeps the lion’s share.  It does not prepare you for financial freedom and independence.  So here this gentleman is, sitting at Starbucks earning more than $10,000 per week just having fun.  The moral of the story??  Work within your passion and you WILL be successful.  Don’t waste your life living someone else’s dream, playing it safe, or being too timid to act.  The genius is already in you, but you have to be your own agent in bringing that potential into fruition.


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